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Citing Literary Works

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The Dark Tower VII : The Dark Tower [Nov. 15th, 2005|07:06 pm]
Citing Literary Works


I've just finished book 7 of Stephen King's Dark Tower series.
It's oh so very sad. I'm always a little sad whenever I finish a series. Especially this one. SEVEN books. I've been living with these characters for a few years now. I read The Gunslinger at least 2 years ago, probably 3. And now they are forever gone. :( Someday, if I ever have kids, maybe I'll get the chance to read these books to them.

Anyway, here are some quotes that I kinda liked.

Also, I should tell you that there are potential spoilers in these quotes...so if you don't want to be spoiled, don't read 'em.

The emergency bucka was gone, bearing the writer to the nearest hospital or infirmary, Roland assumed. Peace officers had come just as it left, and they spent perhaps half an hour talking with Bryan Smith. The gunslinger could hear the palaver from where he was, just over the first rise. The bluebacks' questions were clear and calm, Smith's answers little more than mumbles. Roland saw no reason to stop working. If the blues came back here and found him, he would deal with them. Just incapacitate them, unless they made that impossible; gods knew there had been enough killing. But he would bury his dead, one way or another.
          He would bury his dead. [The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower, p.472]

They had to go fireless three nights instead of one or two. The last was the longest, most wretched twelve hours of Susannah's life. Is it worse than the night Eddie died? she asked herself at one point. Are you really saying this is worse than lying awake in one of those dormitory rooms, knowing that was how you'd be lying from then on? Worse than washing his face and hands and feet? Washing them for the ground?
          Yes. This was worse. She hated knowing it, and would never admit it to anyone else, but the deep, endless cold of that last night was far worse. [The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower, p.629]

         "Lie over," Roland said. "Sleep. I'll take the first watch."
          She didn't argue. Given her full belly and the heat of the fire, she knew sleep would come quickly. She also knew that when she woke up tomorrow, she was going to be so stiff that even sitting up would be difficult and painful. Now, though, she didn't care. A feeling of vast contentment filled her. Some of it was having eaten hot food, but by no means all. The greater part of her well-being stemmed from a day of hard work, no more or less than that. The sense that they were not just floating along but doing for themselves.
          Jesus, she thought, I think I'm becoming a Republican in my old age. [The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower, p.641]