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"The Darwinian perspective is central to all of modern biology, from… - Citing Literary Works [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Citing Literary Works

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[Jul. 12th, 2005|11:11 pm]
Citing Literary Works


"The Darwinian perspective is central to all of modern biology, from investigations of the molecular structure of DNA to studies of the behavior of apes and men. It connects us with our long-forgotten ancestors and our swarm of relatives, the millions of other species with whom we share the Earth. But the price exacted has been high, and there are still - especially in the United States - those who refuse to pay, and for very human and fathomable reasons. Evolution suggests that if God exists, God is fond of secondary causes and factotum processes: getting the Universe going, establishing the laws of Nature, and then retiring from the scene. A hands-on Executive seems to be absent; power has been delegated. Evolution suggests that God will not intervene, whether beseeched or not, to save us from ourselves. Evolution suggests we're on our own - that if there is a God, that God must be very far away. This is enough to explain much of the emotional anguish and alienation that evolution has worked. We long to believe that there's someone at the helm."

- Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors, Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan

[User Picture]From: weave
2005-07-13 06:53 am (UTC)
great, THANKS
i just went to indigo and now i have to go again _^

so what are your thoughts on the passage you cited?
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[User Picture]From: mellowmcyellow
2005-07-14 03:46 am (UTC)
If you like this, and are thinking of getting the book, you should also get The Demon Haunted World, another one of Sagan's. It was really good, and I remember you liking the small part of it that I typed up into my journal. It basically debunks a lot of widely believed superstitions and pseudo-sciences.

I agree with quote. To me it's working towards the "religion is a crutch." idea, which I've believed for a long time. I guess I should add though, in what I've read of Sagan's work so far he's never gone so far as to say he doesn't believe in god, or tried to in anyway disprove his existance, which is smart because he has a lot of great things to say and saying something of the sort would lose him a lot of fans. He does seem to lean in that direction though. If I were to guess I'd say he might be an athiest. I guess I should look that up.

ANYWAY, I think on a whole humans hate to feel alone, and on both the smaller and larger scale, it freaks them out to think that they may not have anyone or anything to save them when things get rough but themselves, that they are solely responsible for there actions, and that not everything can be forgiven in the end.
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